Scholarships Available for New Riders on the 2011 Hazon California Bike Ride

2011 Hazon California Jewish Environmental Bike Ride

Hazon’s 2nd Annual California Bike Ride celebrates participant’s decision to give up their personal vehicles.

"The Hazon Ride was an inspirational, eye-opening experience that revealed many of the heart-warming aspects of Judaism that get lost amidst the whirlwind that we know as modern life." – Bill Robbins, Los Angeles

Hazon has received an anonymous gift that will allow us to offer both a registration rebate and fundraising match for new Hazon riders. This generous scholarship will allow people who are new to Hazon to experience the inspiring Hazon community during the 2nd Annual Hazon California Jewish Environmental Ride. The scholarship is targeted to new Riders who fit into five categories:

  • Teen Riders ages 12-18
  • Young Adults Riders ages 19-29
  • Jewish Communal Professionals who Ride
  • Riders who do not own cars
  • Riders who are willing to sign a pledge committing them to give up their cars within the next year

Qualifying California Ride participants will receive a rebate on registration and a matching gift towards their fundraising minimum. Teen Riders will receive a $100 rebate on the registration cost and adult riders will receive a $250 rebate after the conclusion of the California Ride. All
scholarship recipients will receive a $200 match in their fundraising efforts.

The Hazon California Jewish Environmental Bike Ride is an amazing opportunity to ride with Hazon. Come and enjoy the outdoors as you challenge yourself and spend time exploring the environmental issues and their relationship to Judaism. The ride is a transformative experience that will expand your community and your mind.

Learn more about the 2011 Hazon California Bike Ride

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