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Rabbi Michael Birnholz

Rabbi Michael Birnholz came to Temple Beth Shalom in Vero Beach, Florida in 2002. Our congregation of 200 families enjoys our Florida paradise and works to create a vibrant Jewish community. We have been using our garden to teach Jewish values and using Jewish values to take care of the Earth since 2008.

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Earth Etude for Elul 28: The Falls and the Pebbles

by Rabbi Michael Birnholz It's not novel or unique.  Judaism is built on riding the energy of oscillations between values and experiences.  From every day to holiness or transcendence/ein sof to shechinah/immanence or sadness/tsuris to joy/simcha, we flow from one state of being or perspective, generating energy as we move. One of these oscillations takes us from the big picture to the small detail and back again.  We each have ...