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The Green Hevra is the network of Jewish environmental initiatives.

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Reject Keystone XL

Dec. 2, 2014   Thirteen Jewish organizations, under the umbrella of the Green Hevra, have issued the following joint statement today publicly calling on the U.S. government to reject the Keystone XL pipeline:   It has become abundantly clear that we are consuming far too many fossil fuels. In this Sabbatical/Shmita year, when the Torah calls for deeper gentleness toward the Earth, we are especially conscious of the dangers to the ...

History of the Green Hevra

The Green Hevra is a network of Jewish environmental organizations that harnesses the power of our members, and the unique wisdom of Jewish tradition, to change the consciousness of our communities, so that the Jewish people becomes a force that creates a more sustainable world. Founding Members include: Baltimore Jewish Environmental Network Canfei Nesharim Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL) Eden Village Camp Green ...