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Lighting a (Renewably-Fueled) Fire in my Stomach

The biggest thing I have ever learned as an adult is to take personal responsibility; to do what I can, and to do it the best I can. When I hear about large scale fracking and the incredible harm it causes, and the enormous harm caused by industrial agriculture, I ask myself: what can I do to make change? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but I am motivated to take action through advocacy, action, and education. I have to admit, I find the whole ...

Throw Out the Cookie Jar …. And Save the Planet

As a lifetime Weight Watcher, I have learned a few tricks. The most helpful to me was this one: Banish red light food from your home...and keep healthy food cut up and ready to eat at the front of your refrigerator in plastic see-through containers.  Now what does that have to do with saving the planet?  Well, a whole lot. Fracked gas is not healthy for people or the climate. Neither is nuclear-powered electricity. These are red-light energy ...