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A selection of initiatives, blogs, resources and communities on Jewcology intended for use in engaging adults.


Reduce Workplace Waste

Whether you own your own business or work for someone else, it is a good practice to be mindful of your energy use and use of office supplies during your work day. There are many simple practices that will allow you to use less energy and produce less waste. This pays off by helping the environment and lowering costs as well. Shut down your computer. According to a recent study by the Harvard Green Campus Initiative, computersare responsible for about 40% of the energy consumed by office equipment in the United States. One desktop computer left in full ...

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Year of Jewish Learning on the Environment

Core teachings on 18 topics linking Torah and the environment were released between Tu b'Shevat 5772 and Tu b'Shevat 5773 as part of Jewcology's Year of Jewish Learning on the Environment, in partnership with Canfei Nesharim and a host of other organizations who shared materials across the Jewish community. The materials were shared at least 145 times on the web, in at least 99 social media postings, and reached over 51,000 people during the course of the year, as part of a Year of Jewish Learning on the Environment. The materials comprise the most comprehensive set of ...

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Saving Samar: Together We Can Protect the Last of Israel’s Sahara

Israel's Samar sand dunes — and the unique animal species that live there — may be destroyed. (Photos courtesy of Taal Goldman of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies) NEW YORK (May 26, 2011) — Picture a desert and you'll probably envision rolling hills of sand like those traversed by the nomadic caravans of the Sahara. Yet, even though the majority of Israel is desert, almost none of it is like the Sahara except for a small section near the southern tip of Israel in the Arava Valley: the Samar sand dunes. ...

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Deadlines Approaching for Leadership Training!

Join us for a new leadership training which will empower you to engage your community in Jewish-environmental learning and action. Spaces are filling up: register today! Scholarship deadline extended to MONDAY, MAY 23. Registration deadline: Friday, May 27! The seminar will take place on Thursday, June 2 at the Teva Seminar on Jewish Environmental Education in Cold Spring, NY. Participating in the Teva Seminar?Sign up for the Jewcology training! If you are not attending the seminar,you can still join us just for the day and take advantage of this excellent ...

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Jewish Farm School Intensive! Natural Building and Herbal Medicine

These four-day hands-on workshops will take place simultaneously with the Jewish Farm School on the Farm at Eden Village. Come learn and work with the earth's medicine and nature's building materials. Enjoy the beuaty of Eden Village's 250 acres in the Hudson Valley. Food will be mostly organic, vegetarian and cooked by our fabulous chefs. Monday, June 13th - Thursday, June 16th Start and end time at 12pm 25% discount is you mention Jewcology Please register here Pick a track! Natural Building with ...

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Scholarships Available for New Riders on the 2011 Hazon California Bike Ride

  • March 23, 2011
  • Member since 2010

2011 Hazon California Jewish Environmental Bike Ride Hazon’s 2nd Annual California Bike Ride celebrates participant’s decision to give up their personal vehicles. "The Hazon Ride was an inspirational, eye-opening experience that revealed many of the heart-warming aspects of Judaism that get lost amidst the whirlwind that we know as modern life." - Bill Robbins, Los Angeles Hazon has received an anonymous gift that will allow us to offer both a registration rebate and fundraising match for new Hazon riders. This generous scholarship will ...

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IdeaSlammin’ in Vancouver!

Hiking / Outdoors Club, a Jewish food initiative and a local organization to connect people to volunteer opportunities are just three of nine majors idea developed and hundreds more presented by young adults from across Vancouver’s Jewish community at IdeaSlam. While social, spiritual and networking opportunities also spotlighted as areas of interest, it was clear that food, nature based and service based initiatives had an attraction to at least 1/3 of the audience. (Confirming the results of the ‘Generations of Change’ Study, see previous ...

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Jewish Urban Farming Fellowship, Berkeley, CA

Urban Adamah, based in Berkeley, CA, is a three-month intensive residential leadership training program for young adults ages 20-29, that integrates urban organic farming, social justice work and progressive Jewish living and learning. Twelve Urban Adamah Fellows are selected each season to operate an organic farm and educational center, intern with community organizations addressing issues at the intersection of poverty, food security and environmental stewardship, and learn an approach to Jewish tradition that opens the heart and builds joyful community. Applicants do ...

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Jewcology Leadership Trainings

Connecting to the Heart: A Leadership Tool for Engaging the Unengaged Are you seeking to make environmental change in local or national Jewish communities?  Looking for ways to move people that do not always share the same views as you?   Would you like to learn how to use a leadership skill to connect to people’s hearts? How can we use the stories of our lives to inspire, teach, and motivate others?  In this training we will learn to share the experiences and values that have led us to devote our lives to Jewish-environmental education and action, and to connect ...

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