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A selection of initiatives, blogs, resources and communities on Jewcology which focus on food justice.


Question of the Week #8

Daniel Infeld of Hazon asks Jewcology's question of the week.

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Question of the Week #3 – Jakir Manela

Jakir Manela of Kayam Farm asks Jewcology's Question of the Week.

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The Language of Sustainability as Second Nature

As I continue to write about my experience in teaching a formal Judaism and the Environment course at a Jewish high school, I aim to share with you some of my personal and professional lessons along the way. This week I am wrapping up the first semester of my 11th grade Judaism and the Environment course. Each semester I have a new crop of students and I try to experiment with new ways of teaching the texts and contemporary examples to highlight the major concepts. For the sake of context, I covered three units this semester: Land Use, Water and Food. In ...

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Why Genetically Modified Foods Should Not Be Considered Kosher.

New technological innovations have always created a need for the Jewish community to respond from a religious, ethical and cultural perspective. For instance, the discovery of electricity forced Jewish authorities (rabbis) of the past to assess its use on Shabbat. Hence, we have hot plates and crock pots running but no switches flicking. The time has come for Jews and Judaism to take a serious look at perhaps the most fundamental innovation of our time, the genetic manipulation of life. Genetic Engineering (GE), and the Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO&rs...

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