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Earth Etude for Elul 2 – Elul Writing Project

by Molly Bajgot We’re nearing a time when the Earth will not provide as bountifully as it has in the past. In exchange for a loss of resources, I believe the Earth is pleading for us humans to return to ourselves, our deep souls, so we recognize a bounty that lives within us. Could this lead to the feeling of fertility in the human spirit, we may extend the times of plenty. Answering this call is not easy. We cannot stop deadlines so we may each have the time return to ourselves as a form of resiliency. It’s a necessary evil to take this time. We may ...

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Zeke’s bar mitzva bike ride to fight climate change

Final update: Zeke returned home from Seattle on Thursday, August 1. He biked 1,800 (CHAI-hundred) miles! He had a great time, was amazed by the awesome beauty of the coast and the incredible kindness of strangers and friends, and raised about $2,000 for the local chapter of the Sierra Club. The day he came back he started planning next summer's ride through the Sierra Cascades (like the Pacific Crest Trail for bikes). My wife and I are proud of him and happy to have him back home. Update: Zeke is in Cannon Beach, OR. I biked with him to Florence, ...

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JEI Teen Group Native Plant Sale/Rain Barrel Raffle a Success

The JEI Teen Group organized its second annual Native Plant Sale/Rain Barrel Raffle on April 29. Over 100 plants were sold. Those attending also learned about the benefits of rain barrels as a way to reduce runoff and water waste. Thanks to Robinson's Rain Barrels for its wonderful rain barrel demo and for donating a rain barrel. Congratulations ton Fran Cantor who won the rain barrel raffle.

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Educating Teens About Environmental Issues (CJN November 2011)

This "Sustainable Jew" article appeared inthe Canadian Jewish News November 3, 2011 During the time surrounding the High Holiday period, I had the opportunity to speak to Grade 8 Science classes at a number of the Toronto Jewish Day Schools. My talks are generally drawn from materials I have access to as a result of being trained by Al Gore as a Climate Reality Project volunteer presenter. Recently, Mr. Gore hosted a 24 hour effort, 1 for each time zone in the world, where local speakers would explain climate change and global warming in the global ...

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Jewish youth starts teen environmental group

Ariel Allen, age 16, a resident of Atlanta, GA, a student of The Paideia School and a current Bronfman Fellow, is a winner of Action For Nature’s 2011 International Young Eco-Hero Award. Allen was honored for starting a Jewish Teen environmental group. San Francisco, CA (July 22, 2011) – Kosher Crew, founded by Ari, motivates Jewish teens to become active conservationists by taking part in tikkun olam, or “healing the world.” Inspired by two summer internships with the Student Conservation Association, he runs fun, peer-led ...

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Georgia youth wins International Young Eco-Hero award

Kosher Crew, founded by Ariel Allen (Ari) of Atlanta, Georgia, motivates Jewish teens to become active conservationists by taking part in tikkun olam, or “healing the world.” Inspired by two summer internships with the Student Conservation Association, he runs fun, peer-led outings to do hands-on environmental work. Kosher Crew’s goal is to motivate participants to be active and healthy and to make a positive impact on the environment while encompassing core values of Judaism. He wanted to create something for Jewish youth because so many environme...

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What we learn from our teens

JEI has a teen environmental group that has been making waves (figuratively). Although only in existence for two years, this group of young people has educated others in the Jewish community on important issues such as how to green your synagogue, the dangers of polystyrene and the benefits of using rain barrels and native plants. When the next generation speaks passionately about these issues, people listen and learn. Many thanks, JEI teens!

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Eden Village Camp hosts Anafim: The Sustainable Food & Farming Internship for 5 High School Seniors

A month ago five high school seniors from different schools, arrived at the Eden Village Camp in order to participate in the Anafim: Sustainable Food & Farming Internship program, run through the Jewish Farm School. We instantly clicked as a group, the farm staff, and our supervisors. We were all prepared to open ourselves to the knowledge, skills, and positive energy these unique individuals had to offer us, and this openness is the reason we grew so tremendously as individuals and as a group over such a short amount of time. The Anafim program was unforgettable ...

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Scholarships Available for New Riders on the 2011 Hazon California Bike Ride

  • March 23, 2011
  • Member since 2010

2011 Hazon California Jewish Environmental Bike Ride Hazon’s 2nd Annual California Bike Ride celebrates participant’s decision to give up their personal vehicles. "The Hazon Ride was an inspirational, eye-opening experience that revealed many of the heart-warming aspects of Judaism that get lost amidst the whirlwind that we know as modern life." - Bill Robbins, Los Angeles Hazon has received an anonymous gift that will allow us to offer both a registration rebate and fundraising match for new Hazon riders. This generous scholarship will ...

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