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A selection of initiatives, blogs, resources and communities on Jewcology which focus on Tu b’Shevat.


Ideas for creating an informative & transformative Tu B’Shvat Seder.

As the Tu B’Shvat holiday quickly approaches, I am scrambling to prepare my 6th grade class to lead the annual Tu B’Shvat Seder. This involves a combination of general study on Jewish attitudes towards trees, as well as teaching many specifics such as what blessings to say on each fruit and how to group fruits according to their ‘type.’ As this will be my sixth year leading this seder, I have developed a seder structure that works well for our particular situation. Rather than having a ‘sit-down’ seder (similar to a ...

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Question of the Week #7

Rachel Cohen of the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism asks Jewcology's question of the week.

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How to Organize a Successful Tu b’Shevat Seder

Tu b'Shevat is coming! This year it falls on January 19-20. In my role as executive director of Canfei Nesharim: Sustainable Living Inspired by Torah, I've been organizing and hosting Tu b'Shevat seders all around the world over the last ten years, including interesting model seders at different times and places: in August in Vermont (CAJE), for example, and in December in California (Hazon Food Conference). The Tu b'Shevat Seder is a fun experience for children and adults, and can be adapted to different timeframes and levels of Jewish/environ...

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Planning for Tu B’Shvat & reflections on a few Jewish plants

You might not expect it, but winter is a busy time for Jewish environmental educators like myself. While the garden rests frozen under a blanket of fresh Chicago snow, Tu B'Shvat is right around the corner. This holiday, which celebrates the New Year of the trees, is perhaps the most natural holiday to think about Jewish values of environmental preservation and appreciation. As in years past, my 6th grade students will be leading the rest of the religious school in the Tu B'Shvat seder. There's a lot they will need to learn to get ready, I'm hope ...

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