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Eden Village Camp

Eden Village Camp is a non-profit, Jewish environmental overnight summer camp and organic farm pioneering an organic, farm-to-table culinary and educational experience.Located in Putnam Valley, NY or Featured Causes: Jewish Environmental Overnight Camp

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Volunteering on the Farm

Eden Village farm is more than just the full-time staff and our apprentices- it is also made up of AMAZING volunteers who come for one week to live, eat, and work with us on the farm! Check out the following post from Bruria Halevy, one of our volunteers in the summer of 2013: Working on a farm would be wonderful! I always wanted to work with the fresh ground. To smell dirt, put my hands in the dirt and find mud on my face after a hard day ...

Growing in Elul

“Oh camp staff, we want you to know, oh camp staff, we love you so.” It’s the closing circle for the six day session at Eden Village Camp, and the campers are singing to the counselors! These first-time campers have had a raucous, joyful immersion into Eden Village at the end of a long, rich summer for the staff. Now they and their families form a circle around the counselors and other staff, serenading them before switching places ...

G-d in the Office

What a year! My name is Ellen Brown and I am the Farm Program Coordinator for Eden Village Camp. I came to the farm at Eden Village as a Farm Educator on July 15, 2012. Having just completed a six month MASA Eco-Israel Program at the Modi’in eco-village, Hava V’Adam, I arrived to the Farm at Eden Village with one ambitious goal in mind: to live and work with meaning to me, to others and to G-d. Inspired by permaculture where everything is ...