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What American Jews Can Do for Israel’s Democracy

Voting green in elections for the World Zionist Congress can help repair the damage done by PM Netanyahu with his campaign rhetoric.

May I Have Your Vote for Green Israel?

Because people voted for the Green Israel slate in past elections, there have been major improvements in how the JNF does business. It has adopted significantly better policies on forestry, stream restoration, and soil reclamation. JNF is taking the lead on green infrastructure and has established a program to prioritize quality of life improvements in Arab communities that have long been neglected by the JNF. The JNF has power, and we can leverage that power by voting.

Stop Now! ‘Shmita’ and Climate Change

Climate change is not a scientific or technical problem. The science is clear and the solutions are ready; it is an ethical problem. Will we, who have benefited from the burning of fossil fuels, take responsibility for the damage and make it right? There are at least three lessons we can learn from shmita.