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A Letter from America: A Jewish question – to pray for snow or not to pray for snow

Adaption, evolution, is the key to survival. This is true for species, cultures and religions. Such was Rabbi Mordechai Kaplan’s astute insight when he defined Judaism as the “evolving religious civilization of the Jewish People.” We are still here after so many millennia because of that essential dynamic of the Jewish people. Another fundamental ingredient to the continued existence of the Jewish people has been our ...

The Lawnmower

The Lawnmower by Rabbi Michael M. Cohen written for Vermont Public Radio October 2, 2012 But I can't feel smug about using my battery powered lawnmower, because I know I'm also polluting the earth. It takes roughly 10 cents of electricity to recharge the battery which helps to reduce my carbon footprint, thereby reducing one of the main sources of climate change. But the sources of that electricity are a combination of nuclear, wood, ...