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Art Kibbutz NY, the international Jewish artist colony will be launching its pilot residency program this spring at the spectacular Eden Village Camp in Putnam Valley, New York. The first season's theme is THE JEWISH WALTZ WITH PLANET EARTH. From May 1-22, 2013, outstanding Jewish artists from all disciplines will be able to work on developing their work while in residence at Eden Village Camp, renowned for its naturalistic beauty, a spectacular 248-acre venue bordered on three sides by the wooded hills of Clarence Fahnestock State Park in the Hudson Valley, just 50 miles north of New York City. In addition to a room and gourmet kosher, vegan meals, each artist will also be provided with shared studio or work space at the environmentally-friendly facility.JEWISH ENVIRONMENTAL/LAND ARTUnder the terms of their residency, the Art Kibbutz NY artists will also be encouraged to work outdoors and create art inspired by the lush surroundings. The goal of Art Kibbutz NY is to create a kinetic, multi-disciplinary community of artists where musicians, writers, dancers, performing artists, playwrights, photographers, sculptors, landscape artists, culinary artists as well as visual artists (and others) will be asked to engage with their natural environment. Much of the work created by the Art Kibbutz NY residents will remain part of the permanent landscape of Eden Village Camp.The concept behind the Art Kibbutz NY pilot artist residency program is to enable collaborative and creative responses to climate change, food security, farming, and sustainable development. This revolutionary, unprecedented project will be a living model of a thriving, inspired, sustainable Jewish artistic community, grounded in social responsibility. Participants will analyze binary systems of opposition that articulate differences between art/life, nature/culture, and public/private. We hope this experience will transform the artists by deepening their sense of personal purpose, contribution and Jewish identity and that the artworks created will deepen the Jewish community’s commitment to healing the planet.We are looking for artists and organizational partners for this endeavor!

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