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Owner of Farm to Shul Team at the Moishe Kavod House

The Farm to Shul Team at the Moishe Kavod Jewish Social Justice House works to bring farms and shuls a little closer together. Our Community Food Advisory Board is the main working group of the Farm to Shul Team. Motivated by the idea that we have the collective ability to impact our local/regional food system and economy through food purchasing choices (aka institutional purchasing power), Moishe Kavod House's Community Food Action Board (CoFAB) aims to change our societal food system by first changing our internal food system, through the work of our Institutional Purchasing Campaign. We are led by the values and commitments outlined in the MKH Food Ketubah - a community contract that binds food practices to principles of celebration, environmental sustainability, financial solvency, fair labor practices, inclusivity, health, kashrut, regional economy, and transparency. We strive to support MKH teams and its members to live out these values, specifically through how we purchase, prepare, consume and reflect on food.

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