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In the spring of 2009, Steven had a vision and set out to transform his backyard from a shaded field of weeds and 50 ft. trees into a sun-soaked urban mini-farm. In his wildest dreams, he didn't imagine what extraordinary abundance, purpose, success and fulfillment this journey would bring, and how his life would be transformed by the process. Steven’s 1st mentor - a veteran, beyond organic, pioneer farmer - propelled him eons ahead of where he would have otherwise been as a newbie. Before Steven grew any food, he learned that what farmers actually do is grow soil and he was guided through making 25,000 of compost to nourish and enliven the skin of the earth. By the winter of 2010, Steven was selling WF produce to fine restaurants in L.A., presenting for community organizations and academic institutions, and teaching workshops on the keys to his success. In 2012, Steven became the protege of one of the greatest living Biodynamic compost masters in the U.S. Steven is the youngest of a lineage of world-class BD compost makers that dates back to Rudolph Steiner, the father of Biodynamic agriculture, and is taking what he believes is the finest soil regeneration recipe in the world to new heights. Steven and his agricultural feats have been the subject of articles including an L.A. Times feature titled, “King Of Compost.” His compost is widely regarded by L.A.’s most esteemed garden professionals and connoisseurs (his clients) as the best available in the L.A. area and far beyond, and Wynbrandt Farms (i.e., how Steven grows food) is celebrated as the highest expectation of health, vibrance and intensity. WF is a one-of-a-kind gem of urban agriculture in Los Angeles. From WF signature “Sea Of Greens” planting technique and the principals of Biodynamic agriculture, to the link between soil, plant and human health and healing the earth's skin, Steven teaches workshops on the themes of the agriculture he practices, as well as stories, anecdotes and inspiration information from his journey setting out to transform the earth and being transformed in the process. Organizations he works with include UCLA, UCCE Ag. and Natural Resources, SMC, The L.A. Green Festival, Artisnal L.A., Hazon, Netiya, The Shalom Institute, L.A. Community Garden Council, LAUSD schools and a plethora or public and private community groups. Steven consults locally and internationally for farms and gardens of all sizes wishing to implement advanced Biodynamic composting systems to grow for unparalleled results, abundance and sustainability, as well as for organizations and individuals wishing to create thriving production gardens.

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