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How is Eden Village Camp like Hogwarts? A Camper-made video!

Just a little summer time magic to help ease the chills of Tevet: http://youtu.be/0ezZepNft2g Did you check out the sky today?

Blessings for all

Jews love blessings. We bless our food, our weather, and our new clothes-nearly everything. Why then do we not have a blessing for planting? Today at camp, we began planting our garden. Campers were able to dig their hands—too often used for texting and videogames— into rich soil. They planted tomatoes, brussel sprouts, sweet peppers, basil, cabbage, and kohlrabi, but before we put these life-sustaining plants into the ground, we took a step back to surround our actions with consciousness and purpose. I had all the campers write their own blessings for planting, our garden, and the earth. The prayers children, aged seven to thirteen ...

All we need is love

The kids are here. 183 screaming, excited and overly energetic 2nd-8th graders, and they are ready to change the world. Rather, we want them to be ready, but, is it reasonable for adults to expect these campers to make significant social change from our camp bubble in upstate New York? Is it fair of us to ask them to attempt this mission that my generation and the generations before have failed at? I am not sure, but I do know that we can and must expect a higher level of compassion and caring this summer. Yesterday, while staking the pepper plants growing in our garden, I for the first time, started to understand Rav Soloveitchik’s ...

The world is sprouting at Camp Sprout Lake

It has been three days of hard work, blisters, and buckets of sweat, but it is almost time to sprout, literally. Next week, the campers of Young Judea Sprout Lake in upstate New York will arrive. For this eight-week summer, I have one goal in mind, to make clear the intimate connection our tradition has with the earth. As staff has slowly trickled in from across Israel, Canada and the United States, I am impressed by the continual excitement when they meet “the Garden Guy”. The desire to dig, plant and labor is ever present. I believe this spirit is driven by the idea of A.D. Gordon, a leader of labor Zionism, who coined the ...

Seeking your suggestions for naming our new bunks!

Dear Friends, As Eden Village Camp expands - 231 campers this year as of now, up from 134 in our first summer last year! -- we have renovated new cabins, which of course need inspiring names. The theme is Jewish environmental heroes who memory we want to bless. For example, we have bunks named Heschel, Besht, Noach and Miriam. Your suggestions invited!

Eden Village Camp slideshow!

Click here to view! http://animoto.com/play/y346I2ced8hscmBve2vTpQ