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Question of the Week #4

Evonne Marzouk asks Jewcology's fourth "question of the week."

the Good, the Bad and the Dirty — Gardens as Outdoor Jewish Classrooms

Gardens can provide amazing settings for Jewish environmental education to take place. However, gardens can also present challenges and difficulties that typical "indoor" classrooms do not pose. This article will examine some of my experiences using gardens as a vehicle for teaching Jewish environmental lessons. It is my hope that others can learn from my experiences and adapt their teaching approach according to their own individual needs. First, a bit about me and my background. In the fall of 2003, I was hired as the first Adamah coordinator, a humbling experience that deeply influenced my outlook on Jewish and environmental ...

Overcoming Email Addiction and Other Virtual Obligations

It seems funny for me to write about this, given my leadership role in Jewcology. And I still believe in the power of social media. But I am writing here to acknowledge: I'm addicted to email. Here's how a typical day looks. I wake up in the morning; I pull out my smartphone. I'm checking (sometimes responding to) email before getting out of bed. (The benefit of this is that I don't go back to sleep... because the stress of my day takes hold.) I get dressed; I take a look at my email. I'm eating breakfast and checking facebook. I'm on the way to work (on the subway), checking email. Throughout it all is a ...

PBS TV series — Saving the Bay: The Story of San Francisco Bay

Saving the Bay is the first television program to tell the full story of San Francisco Bay, the most important estuary on the Pacific Coast of the Americas and the second largest estuary on the North American continent after Chesapeake Bay. Narrated by Robert Redford and shot in HDTV, Saving the Bay is comprised of four one-hour episodes tracing the Bay's history from before the last Ice Age through today and covers the entire northern California watershed from the Sierra Nevada to the Farallones. The series also highlights the story of three women who rallied an entire region to save San Francisco Bay from becoming little more than a river. ...

Question of the Week #3 – Jakir Manela

Jakir Manela of Kayam Farm asks Jewcology's Question of the Week.

Jewcology Question of the Week #1

Noam Dolgin asks the first Jewcology "Question of the Week." Please post your answers in the comment box.