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Jewcology Leadership Trainings

Connecting to the Heart: A Leadership Tool for Engaging the Unengaged Are you seeking to make environmental change in local or national Jewish communities?  Looking for ways to move people that do not always share the same views as you?   Would you like to learn how to use a leadership skill to connect to people’s hearts? How can we use the stories of our lives to inspire, teach, and motivate others?  In this training we will learn to share the experiences and values that have led us to devote our lives to Jewish-environmental education and action, and to connect ...

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Connecting to the Heart – Leadership Training March 13-14

Do you care about protecting our environment? Would you like to educate the Jewish community to learn more about this important issue? As you engage your family, school, or community, would you like to be more effective at speaking to people who don't always share the same views as you? Join us in March for a new in-person leadership training opportunity which will empower you to engage those who are not already involved in environmental action, and in so doing, raise the level of environmental engagement across the Jewish community. This training is ...

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Siach: An Environment and Social Justice Conversation

  • November 4, 2010
  • Member since 2010

Human rights. Land Use. San Francisco. Community Organizing. New York. Tzedek. Race. Beit Midrash. Tel Aviv. Poverty. Immigration. Lobbying. Farming. London. Young Adults. Food Access... May 12-15, 2011 Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center Falls Village, Connecticut The first annual Siach conference will launch a global network of experienced Jewish environment and social justice professionals, as well as highly dedicated lay leaders, from Israel, North America, and Europe to connect and collaborate upon a shared passion and commitment to Tzedek ...

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