Jewish Earth Alliance: Calling on Congress to Act on Climate

Climate change is a moral challenge that demands an urgent response. Jewish Earth Alliance is mobilizing Jews to stand up and raise a loud, collective voice for policies that reflect our Jewish values.

We are a grassroots network of communities working together to enable Jews to engage in the policy process at the Federal level as citizens.

We make it easy for you to take strong and consistent action to protect all people and heal our precious Earth.

Go to our website for information on monthly action alerts, online briefings, inspirational speakers for your community, and opportunities to lobby Congress.

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Ravage or Repair? Time to End Offshore Leasing
Should the oceans be sold to the highest bidder? Ki li ha'aretz, the land is sacred.

Tell Congress: Fund Freedom From Fossil Fuels
In November, the US House of Representatives passed $550 billion for climate solutions. Now the Senate must vote.

Take Action to Heal Democracy for a Healthy Future
To solve the climate emergency we need a healthy democracy. Support election reforms to strengthen citizen voices by making it easier to vote, insuring every vote counts, and getting big money out of politics.

Where Were You When the World Was Ravaged? by Dr. Adriane Leveen
If you take our roles as God’s agents on this planet seriously, march. If you are losing sleep because of the world in which our children and our children’s children must live, march. March against those who should know better. March for common sense. We can stop this!

Light the Way – Support Pope Francis’ Call for Climate Action on September 24
Pope Francis is speaking to world leaders at the UN on September 25 with a simple message for politicians: There is no more time for talk.  Now is the time to act on climate change. In his recent encyclical on climate change, Pope Francis wrote that “…faced as we are with global environmental deterioration. I wish to address every living ...