Temple Beth Shalom

To create and care for a Garden (of Eden) on our congregational campus inspired by the the flora and agriculture of the land of Israel and the Hebrew Bible whose produce, beauty and spaces will enhance the celebration and observance of holy moments and holidays and help us connect with experiences of our ancestors and the stories and values of Torah.

We are creating many gardening experiences. We have Olive trees and have made olive oil. We have a garden of the five senses. We are now growing small amounts of produce to taste, enhance holiday observances and donate to a local food pantry


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Earth Etude for Elul 3: How will seeds of light and kindness grow?
by Rabbi Michael Birnholz It is an adventure to be a garden educator. For me, while I plant produce for food for my home table, I am also planting on my synagogue campus to use the garden to teach Jewish values and the Jewish values of taking care of the garden and appreciating nature. Like many gardeners, I do plan my beds and planting ...

Earth Etude for Elul 28: The Falls and the Pebbles
by Rabbi Michael Birnholz It's not novel or unique.  Judaism is built on riding the energy of oscillations between values and experiences.  From every day to holiness or transcendence/ein sof to shechinah/immanence or sadness/tsuris to joy/simcha, we flow from one state of being or perspective, generating energy as we move. One ...