Hanukah Handout: 8 Actions in 8 Days for your School

Day 1: Do a personal and communal energy audit. Record energy usage throughout your school with a focus on wasted energy. Optional, do this each day for the full week of Hanukah

Day 2: Bike, walk, Bus or Carpool to school day. Hold a special day for alternative forms of transportation. Hold a special raffle for anyone who reduced their footprint on their way to school

Day 3: Re-used, re-gifted and home made gift exchange. Hold a Hanukah gift exchange, but you are only allowed to give gifts that are not purchased.

Day 4: Waste Free Lunch. Hold a special waste free lunch day, encourage students to bring foods that are disposable packaging free

Day 5: ‘Causes Worth Fighting For’ Awareness Day. Ask students to prepare posters, information, etc., on local, national and global causes they feel other students should know about.

Day 6: Bring a Sweater to School Day. Encourage students to bring a sweater or long sleeve shirt to school. Turn down the school furnace by 3 degrees. You may find productivity increases and energy use decreases.

Day 7: Double Sided Paper. All handouts and homework must be written on both sides of the paper (if multipage), and on reused paper (if only 1 page.)

Day 8: Write to the government demanding action on climate change. Have each student in the school write a letter to the President or Prime Minister demanding action on climate change.

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