The Jewish Climate Change Campaign Ideas for Action

Ideas for Action

To present large scale vision, small scale recommendations for action, and a framework for connecting the two, we use a 3×3 grid: This framework reflects a Jewish sensibility. According to the Talmud, “Great is study, because study leads to action.” (Kiddushin, 40b). Action is grounded in, and inspired by education.

In the context of sustainability and climate change, action must have two arms; first, small scale changes in behavior and policy within our homes, communities and institutions; second, advocacy; speaking out publicly to persuade our leaders to take the large-scale steps that will be necessary to make our societies more sustainable

We invite communities to take upon themselves a commitment to work in all 9 boxes – starting with a topic that interests them. This is an iterative process. As a community, we can make progress in all nine boxes if everyone follows their passion. We have to promise ourselves that we will take action.

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