Top Ten Ways to Address Global Warming

You can help slow global warming–and save money over the long term–by reducing your household use of energy. Here are some ideas:

Walk, bike, take the bus, ride the train.

When purchasing your next vehicle, select the most fuel-efficient model possible. Click here for a listing of automobile fuel efficiency by model.

Look for the "Energy-Star" label on appliances, indicating certification as a highly energy efficient product. Energy Star, a U.S. EPA program, certifies all major appliances, furnaces, boilers, computers and monitors, and even entire new homes.

Use compact fluorescent light bulbs, which use much less energy than conventional bulbs while providing high quality light. Contact your utility company about possible discounts.

Insulate your home, tune up your furnace, install a programmable thermostat, and keep the thermostat low.

Plant trees to provide shade while absorbing carbon dioxide. Check with a local nursery about appropriate native tree species for your area.

Buy products in reusable or recyclable packaging, recycle all newsprint, cardboard, glass, and metal, and buy recycled products.

Organize energy conservation programs in schools, synagogues, and other community institutions.

Advocate for strong governmental action to reduce carbon emissions, including mass transit, stricter vehicle emissions standards, and energy-smart community planning.

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