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Isaiah’s Fast: This Yom Kippur, Volunteer, Donate & Mobilize

Yom Kippur, the ‘holiest’ day of the Jewish year. Millions of Jews worldwide get dressed up in white or their best attire and sit together in synagogue, hungry, lamenting all the bad things we have done as a community of flawed individuals. When the average person is asked about Yom Kippur, fasting is first on their mind. Fasting has become a central tenet of Yom Kippur practice, but what is a fast and why do we do it? Three of the most common modern arguments for fasting include: Through the act of fasting we cleanse our bodiy and soul; we keep ...

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Holy! Healthy! Omnipresent! (H20)

Yesterday marked the transition in our annual cycle where we switched from praying for rain to praying for dew during the amidah. This ritual act, in combination with the two washings of our hands during the seder got me thinking about water, H2O. We have lots of prayers In Judaism for rain or other forms of precipitation, daily in the amidah and on special occasions like the 1stday ofpesach andhoshanah rabbah. We often recite al netilat yadiyah, the prayer said when ritually washing our hands, however, al netilat yadiyah does not mention water at all. In fact, ...

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Moving the Jewish Community Beyond Tu B’Shvat on Environmental Issues

As a freelance Jewish environmental educator, the 2 weeks surrounding Tu B’shvat might be considered my high holidays. This year I will be teaching in 4 cities, 3 synagogues, and 11 supplemental and day schools in just that window. Yet in the two months following I only have a few random teaching engagements. While those of us in the Jewish environmental field have moved beyond just Tu B’shvat as the core of our work, the remainder of the Jewish world continues to see this one day as their only opportunity to teach Jewish environmental values. So here ...

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Come pray for Rain! ????? ????? ??? ??? ?????

Come Join (and bring) children from all religions to join in a prayer for rain at Ein Chiniya spring. Monday, December 6th, there will be a musical gathering at Ein Chiniya (just past the checkpoint by Ein Yael, southwest Jerusalem) with musicians Ehud Banai, Shlomo Bar and Khalil al-Mustafi. All are invited, perhaps Hashem will have compassion in the merit of the voices and prayers of our littlest humans, perhaps in the merit of the children Avraham being together, The gathering will start at 11:00am, ,11:15 will be drums and prayers, and at ...

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