Ten Tips for Using Jewcology

How can you make the best use of Jewcology? There are many ways to participate.

First, make sure you have signed up (it's free!) and edited your profile to show your website, favorite causes, twitter name, the state where you live, and your picture. This will enable you to participate fully in the Jewcology community.

Then, the following possibilities are available to you:

1) Comment on a recent blog posting. Featured blog posts are displayed on the main dashboard, which can be viewed at www.jewcology.org when you are logged in.

2) Every Tuesday, we will post a new "question of the week" video delivered by a Jewish environmental leader. Check back every Tuesday to view the video and post your response!

3) Create your own blog posting. You can post a regular blog or a micro-blog (i.e., a status update). To create either, click on Blogs and then on Create a New Post. Your default option is to create a longer blog posting, but you can create a micro-blog by clicking the word "status" at the top of the "Create a New Post" page. Micro-blogs are much welcome!

4) Follow other people, "like" resources in the Idea Box, and join Communities. Activity by the people you are following, the resources you've liked, and the communities you have joined are listed in the "My Dashboard" area of the site. "My Dashboard" is customized for you and the people/communities/resources of interest to you.

5) Upload your own resources or start your own community. Make sure to tag the content so that others can find it!

6) Search for resources and people using the global search function at the top of the page. You have the option to search by title, tag, and author, or to search the full text of all resources. The items found in your search will be organized into the different categories of the site – Blog Posts, People, Resources, Store Items. You can see each set of search results by clicking on those words at the top of the search pane.

7) Having trouble with any aspect of the site? Please let us know by clicking "Feedback" at the top of any page. Please note that we have a few known issues with this site in Internet Explorer, which are still being worked out. We do not know of any current functionality problems in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

8) Wondering how you can support Jewcology? Click on "Support" at the top of any page.

9) Want to get involved? Drop us an email! info@jewcology.org

10) Finally, participate in our exciting collaborative video! All you need is yourself, a video camera and a neutral colored wall. Script and instructions provided! Check it out at http://www.jewcology.org/content/view/Be-a-Part-of-the-Jewcology-Collaborative-Video. It's great way to promote yourself, your environmental work, and the importance of the Jewish environmental community.

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