Environmental Tip of the Week


I just started this blog. When I headed the Environmental Club at Stern, I sent such tips by email weekly. Feel free to copy and use what I have here for personal or educational purposes, just please give me proper credit.

3 Replies to "Environmental Tip of the Week"

  • Jewcology Team
    January 5, 2011 (12:41 pm)

    Hi Sarah – why not do the blog here on Jewcology? That way people can follow you directly on the site. Let us know if you need tips on how to do this!

  • Joe Orlow
    January 9, 2011 (8:07 pm)

    Your tip this week is to use metal or plastic re-usable water bottles. I just re-use a glass bottle. Yes it’s heavier, doesn’t have that neat top that you twist or whatever to drink, and it can break into dangerous shards — but it doesn’t cost much to give a new life to to a glass bottle that originally held apple juice and use it as a water bottle, and there’s less concern about stuff in the material of the bottle leaching or otherwise finding its way into the water. And it has the advantage over steel that you can easily gauge how much water is left inside. (Easier to see dirt too, for cleaning.)

  • Sarah Rivka Schechter
    January 19, 2011 (10:30 am)

    Joe- That’s another great idea! I actually did that once in Israel with an olive oil jar. I was sitting and relaxing with it at the tachana merkazit in Jerusalem, and security there almost got me into trouble because they thought I was drinking some alcoholic drink, lol!

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