COEJL Action Alert: Stop ‘Dirty Air’ Bills From Passing


Despite clear scientific evidence of greenhouse gases harming our air, land and water and contributing to climate change, some Senators and Representatives are attacking the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to enforce Clean Air Act safeguards. These safeguards are already saving lives and improving the health of millions of Americans and in 2007 were mandated by the Supreme Court as part of the EPA’s responsibility. We must tell Congress not to halt the EPA’s work in its tracks especially now when environmental protection is more necessary than ever.

These ‘dirty air’ bills would allow polluters to continue to spew unlimited amounts of carbon and other pollution into our air endangering our health and future conditions for our children.


From the earliest verses of the Torah, Jewish values teach us to be good caretakers of our earth and all its resources, valuing the life and health of all people as key priorities. Polluting our air and warming our earth by burning fossil fuels debases these values. Attacks on efforts to clean our air violate the mandate of Genesis that we ‘till and tend’ the earth and run counter to COEJL’s principal mission of ‘Protecting Creation, Generation to Generation’. We must work to assure the continued health of our environment for all people and for future generations.

Urge your members of Congress to vote against any bill that would block or repeal the EPA’s ability to continue to regulate the nation’s biggest polluters. The Capitol Switchboard can be reached at 202.224.3121 or you cansend an e-mail by clicking HERE. For more information, please contact us at

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