March 13-14 Leadership Training – Scholarship Deadline Feb 14

As a Jewish environmentalist, are you seeking to inspire environmental change in local or national Jewish communities? Looking for ways to move people that do not always share the same views as you?

Jewcology is pleased to offer a special new in-person leadership training opportunity which will empower participants to engage those who are not already involved in environmental action, and in so doing, raise the level of environmental engagement across the Jewish community.

This training is perfect for rabbis, educators, synagogue lay leaders, and other community leaders at all levels and from all denominations who are seeking to educate and empower Jewish communities to protect the environment. We hope you'll be able to join us, promote the news of this program, and send leaders from your organization to take advantage of this excellent new opportunity!

Registration now open for the Jewcology Training on March 13-14 at the Kayam Farm in Baltimore, as a "bonus day" from the popular Kayam Beit Midrash. You may attend as an "add-on" to the Beit Midrash, join us on Sunday night for a special evening program and lodging at Pearlstone, or begin with us for breakfast at 8 am on Monday morning.

Cost options for Kayam Bonus Day/Jewcology Leadership Training:

Full Program – $100 (Sunday evening – Monday afternoon)

Commuter Rate – $42 (starting Monday 8 am – includes meals and program fees)

Scholarships Available! Please note: Deadline for scholarship applications February 14.

Learn more and register today:

Can't make this one? Registration will open soon for a session on June 2 at the Teva Seminar in Cold Spring, NY. Stay tuned for details about a leadership training in California as well.

*This program, and the portal, is generously supported by the ROI Community global network of young Jewish innovators.*

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