Question of the Week #12

Yoshi Silverstein from Kayam Farm asks Jewcology's Question of the Week.

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  • Joe Orlow
    February 23, 2011 (9:37 am)

    When I got my goats, one of them was “in milk”. The whole point of our getting the goats was to have fresh goats milk. I milked Fabianna for several months, and then it was time last winter to “freshen” her, which means breed her so that she’ll have babies and keep producing milk (goats, cows, etc. have to be freshened about once a year.) So I took her out to the farm for the “wedding”. The breeder thought Fabianna had “settled”, which means we would have baby goats in about five months. But it turned out to be a “false pregnancy” as the breeder put it — something she hadn’t seen much of, or at all, in her experience. So last summer, learning from our mistake, I bred Fabianna and Zot together and kept them on the honeymoon for a month. By breeding both does simultaneously, we hedged our bets that at least one would get pregnant, and by keeping them there through two estrus cycles it was more likely that the the marriages would be consummated. I’m grateful to G-d that both Fabianna and Zot gave birth in November, and we were blessed with seven happy healthy kids.

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