Report on various activities held by Teva Ivri

We are happy to report on various activities Teva Ivri held during Tu B'Shvat:

  • Study group and discussion on the subject of natural resources and natural gas finds royalties was held on Friday January 21st2011 Tel-Aviv. This activity was held as part of a collaboration between Teva Ivri and Alma House Tu B'Shvat street party. Lectures were held with Kobi Oz and Rabbi Michael Malchior.
  • Tu B'Shvat event in Karmiel: On Trees and Men was held on Jan 18th with the participation of various educational organizations that plant seeds throughout the year
  • Tu B'Shvat event for families in Jerusalem
  • Radio program on ECO99 FM on Tu B'Shvat Judaism and the environment
  • Ecopoetica – an evening of poetry reading on nature conducted in collaboration with Green Now and Meshiv Ruah. A newspaper article on this event is scheduled to be published this week in Makor Reshon
  • Article in Ynet on natural gas finds, Tu B'Shvat and the distribution of natural resources

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