Hazon’s Kosher Meat Survey: We Want to Hear from You!

At the 2006 Hazon Food Conference, we posed two key questions: 1. If you’re a meat eater, would you continue to eat meat if you had to kill it yourself? And 2. If you don’t currently eat meat, but could be involved in the process of raising and slaughtering the animal, would you?

People's responses varied, but it was clear that the issue was important to nearly everyone in the room. Since 2006, the world of kosher sustainable meat has seen the Agriprocessors scandal, the rise of several kosher sustainable meat businesses and hands-on kosher slaugher educational events across the country, and Hazon has worked steadily to support and advance conversations around these issues.

Now five years later, we're again seeking to take the pulse of the conversation. Do you eat meat? Kosher meat? How do your meat eating habits differ from how you ate five years ago? We invite you to let us know your thoughts through our Sustainable Kosher Meat Survey. Your responses will guide our programming at the Hazon Food Conference (August 18-21) and beyond.

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