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Jewcology Public Narrative Leadership Training, June 1-2 (at the Teva Seminar on Jewish Environmental Education, May 31-June 3)

Are you educating the Jewish community about protecting the environment? Have you faced challenges with motivating people to move beyond intellectual knowing and into action? Have you struggled with inspiring Jews who don’t have the same values as you? Or have you felt limits in your ability to engage those with environmental values into a place of activism and shared commitment?

Jewcology is pleased to announce a new leadership training intended to address these specific issues, and to empower Jews who are seeking to educate Jewish communities about the importance of protecting the environment.

This leadership training was successfully piloted as a Bonus Day to the popular Kayam Beit Midrash on March 13-14, and now we are bringing it to the Teva Seminar on Jewish Environmental Education, May 31 – June 3, 2011! The Teva Seminar is an opportunity for dynamic educators to engage farmers, students, Torah scholars, scientists, social justice advocates, teachers and more on diverse Jewish environmental topics through 4 distinct curricular tracks: Congregational Education, Camp and Wilderness, Organic Farming & Gardening Education, and Eco-Change Makers.

As part of the Eco-Change Makers Track, Jewcology is offering its Leadership Training on Thursday, June 2. In this full-day session, we will learn how to share the experiences and values that have led us to engage in Jewish environmental education and action. We will gain skills to help us tell our personal stories in a way that connects us with others and clearly expresses our purpose. We will practice using these values and commitments to connect with a wide range of individuals and groups, and to inspire a diversity of audiences to take meaningful, collective action.

You can join us for the entire Teva Seminar, or register for just the Jewcology Public Narrative Training. Click your choice below:

*This program is generously supported by the ROI Community global network of young Jewish innovators. Learn more at*

The Teva Learning Center is a Jewish environmental education organization that exists to renew the ecological wisdom inherent in Judaism and to renew the Jewish community through connection with all creation. It is the only full-time year-round program dedicated to innovative, experiential Jewish education taught through the lens of the natural world. Teva is holding its annual Seminar on Jewish Environmental Education on May 31-June 3, 2011 with a Shabbat retreat June 3-5.

Jewcology is the web portal for the global Jewish environmental community. Browse resources, post blogs, and join communities at

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