Jewish Farm School Intensive! Natural Building and Herbal Medicine

These four-day hands-on workshops will take place simultaneously with the Jewish Farm School on the Farm at Eden Village. Come learn and work with the earth's medicine and nature's building materials. Enjoy the beuaty of Eden Village's 250 acres in the Hudson Valley. Food will be mostly organic, vegetarian and cooked by our fabulous chefs.

Monday, June 13th – Thursday, June 16th

Start and end time at 12pm

25% discount is you mention Jewcology

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Natural Building with Jonah Vitale-Wolff

You will learn how to build a beautiful and durable earth oven using natural and native materials. Earth ovens, also known as cob ovens, have been used for centuries in outdoor settings to bake bread, pizza, meats, beans, pastries and more. These ovens stay hot for hours making them a wonderful gathering point for outdoor events! This workshop is appropriate for homeowners, community organizers, artists, landscapers, masons, builders and all who are interested in learning a new DIY skill. All skill levels welcome!

Herbal Medicine with Baruch Shapiro

Baruch Shapiro is a Clinical Herbalist, Director of the Israel Herb School, and runs the Herbalism program at Eden Village Camp. Baruch has studied herbal medicine at several schools, and currently teaches classes in and around Moshav Aviezer, near Jeerusalem, where he lives with his family.

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