Teva Rocks All Ages – Teva Seminar 2011

May 3, 2011 | 29 Nisan 5771



No matter what your age, Teva is going to kick-start your summer at this year's Teva seminar. Our Congregational Education programs from "Nurturing Connections – Spirituality in the Early Childhood Classroom" to "Lech Lecha – Bringing up a Congregation to Raise Jewish Youth" for B'nai Mitzvah teens, to "Geshem – The Eco-Orientation of Prayer" for those of us young at heart will engage and energize all of us for a great sustainable summer ahead.

And this year we will really rock your socks off. Darshan, the acclaimed Hebrew chant, folk rock, jazz, hip hop, electro-pop group will get us all movin' with their kabbalistic poetry and weave of world and modern musical styles.

Read on about our programs below and join us!
See you there!

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"Nurturing Connections – Spirituality in the Early Childhood Classroom"
with Laura Bellows

Veteran Teva educator and Director of Congregational & Community Programs, Laura Bellows, will be teaching about spirituality for our little ones. While roots, water, song and craft lay the groundwork for learning, the same inquiry-based activities can open the door for Jewish spiritual development and deep connection to the world around us. Young learners easily engage with critters, creation and community and, as we foster space for it, can teach us to cherish wondrous moments. Tap into sacred space and time with our littlest ones; take home a toolbox of ideas for building spirited, Jewish classrooms, outdoors and inside.

"Lech Lecha – Bringing up a Congregation to Raise Jewish Youth"
with Andrea Cohen-Keiner and David Blumenkrantz

The goal of the Lech Lecha program is to invigorate the Bar/Bat Mitzvah, making it a truly powerful experience for youth, their families and congregation and increasing the probability that youth will become attracted and attached to their Jewish traditions, deepening their sense of connection to the natural world and building in them a strong Jewish identity and compelling them to continue their Jewish education.This workshop creates a place for conversations among participants to explore what roles parents, Jewish Educators, children and the Congregation can fulfill to create a more potent Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience.

Andrea Cohen-Keiner

Geshem – The Eco-Orientation of Prayer
with Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz

Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz is the head of HaOhel institutions in Nachlaot Jerusalem, including Yeshivat Sulam Yaakov, Ashrei, and the Shirat Devorah seminary. This class will be exploring verses from genesis, and stories from the Talmud. We will discover how the relationship between the world and rain reflects the relationship between man and God. We will also discover how understanding the ecosystem is the bedrock of understanding prayer, then conclude with a personal journaling exercise.


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