Goal-setting for campers

When setting goals, the more specific and achievable we make them, the more likely we can reach them! Below is a fun list of goals our campers can look through in considering their own goals for their summer at Eden Village Camp. This is just a brainstorm to get them started!

• Make challah from scratch
• Learn to use a solar cooker
• Make a cob oven
• Experience a farm not just as a place of food but of food, fiber, fun, fuel, farmacy, beauty and community
• Leave camp with the confidence that if I want, I can create and maintain my own garden on some scale
• Discover the deep and juicy connections between Judaism and agriculture
• Learn basics of natural building, especially building with earth
• Be able to identify many common food crops when growing in the field
• Practice a Jewish harvest, which shares food with those in need
• Make grape juice from grapes
• Milk a goat
• Hold a baby lamb
• Collect eggs
• Hold a chicken
• Care for bunnies, sheep, goats, and chickens
• Put on a beekeeper’s suit and help with tending our honeybees!

• Know five chords on the guitar
• Play 3 new songs on guitar
• Sing out loud in a group
• Find out how to make up harmonies
• Improvise for 30 seconds in a freestyle circle
• Sing/Perform in front of a group
• Lead a song
• Write a song
• Record a song (or 3!)
• Feel comfortable holding a drumbeat

Yachdut (Judaism)
• Find something in Judaism that I care about
• Expand my relationship with my ancestral traditions
• Learn new angles to things I might already be familiar with
• Find a personal and unique connection to prayer. The outer world has no expectation of what that might look or feel like!
• Keep a journal
• Celebrate our community’s diversity and see it as an exciting adventure
• Feel that I’m part of a family here
• Lead the community – in saying the Shma or other prayer, a skit, a song
• Share words of wisdom or a story with the community
• Go up near the Torah during services
• Read Torah

• Learn how something I use every day is made
• Find my “inner” artist
• Use art as a new way to express myself
• Make something I’ll be able to use in my Shabbas celebration (challah cover, candlestick holders, candles, etc.)
• Make an art piece to enhance the camp: a mural, decorate a room, make colorful signs for the farm
• Keep an art journal or sketchbook
• Learn to sew or crochet
• Make an art project entirely out of recycled materials
• Learn to see all the art “hidden” in the world
• Make 3 significant works of art during my session (of my choice)
• Make an art piece that expresses my view of the world
• Use art to educate others about injustices
• Use art to express my hope for the world
• Learn to fix my clothes
• Make pottery on a spinning wheel
• Learn how to felt a pouch or hat

Science of Nature
• Identify five trees
• Create a bug collection
• Survey the fish in the lake
• Learn owl calls
• Observe bird nests
• Find out what’s really going on with soil
• Use a field guide to track down mysteries (for example, “what kind of flower is this?”)
• Set up an experiment
• Use a microscope to see what you don’t normally see
• See the interconnection/interdependence of humans with other organisms

• Create my own yoga pose
• Invent my own yoga sequence of poses
• Teach the sun salutation to others
• Do an advanced yoga pose that was hard for me at the beginning of camp
• Do a full split
• Make 5, 10 baskets in a row in basketball
• Invent a new way to play a familiar game
• Pass a basketball, soccer ball or frisbee firmly to a partner
• Run around the perimeter of camp
• Feel strong, healthy and powerful
• Feel happy about my body and the space it inhabits
• Care for my body

• Swim around the entire lake
• Build canoe & kayak skills and strokes: portage, sweep, C-stroke, J-stroke, draw/pry
• Build row-boating skills
• Sail a Sunfish
• Build my swim strokes and feel more comfortable swimming


• Light fire in the woods
• Cook a whole meal on fire in the forest
• Learn local history and stories of the native people of this land
• Build a modern shelter
• Learn a new knot
• Play games in the forest
• Sleep out overnight in a tent
• Discover three new animals in the forest
• Filter water in the forest

• Create art in the forest
• Light a 1-match fire
• Find the North Star
• Tie 3 different knots
• Create a primitive shelter
• Camp overnight without a tent

• Make a bow drill set
• Set up own shelter
• Know “lost-proofing”
• Carve a spoon
• Practice “leave no trace” camping and hiking
• Learn map and compass skills
• Create a solar water still
• Know 7 different knots
• Make a primitive water filter
• Do trail work
• Feel at home in the woods
• Experience a moment of connection with all of creation

• Learn the healing properties of familiar and new plants
• Make tinctures, salves, lotions and potions and use them to support your own and other people’s vibrant health!
• Sit silently in the woods for an hour (we call this “sit spot”)

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