Jewcology Celebrates our 200th Day!

Mazel tov! We’re excited to be celebrating Jewcology’s 200th day!

Jewcology now features:

  • 484 resources for synagogues, schools, communities and Jewish institutions (shared in the Idea Box)
  • 342 registered users
  • 253 blog postings
  • 34 communities
  • 24 video “questions of the week” featuring our partner organizations

In honor of this happy anniversary, we have awarded the Jewcology Leaf to our most active participants. You can see the leaf in the corner of the profile pictures of our top participants. Look on the site to see who got the leaf, and participate actively to earn your own!

Member since 2010
The Jewcology Team was created to develop and manage the Jewcology site! Our posts represent messages and tools for the entire field.
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