Emerging Leaders Project

The Emerging Religious Leaders Sustainability Project brings together Muslim, Christian, and Jewish seminary students from Israel and the West Bank for a series of ten interactive seminars on human coexistence and environmental sustainability. The seminars, spread out over six months and centered in Jerusalem, will focus on how we live on the land (environmental sustainability) and how we live together (human sustainability). The seminars will incorporate sources of profound wisdom and teaching concerning harmony and balance with nature that have arisen in several religions across space and time. Five of the sessions will include experiential, on-the-ground explorations of contemporary ecological and social challenges in and around Jerusalem, led by experts from each of the three faiths. Human sustainability topics may relate to demographic shifts, social integration, and habitation patterns. Environmental sustainability topics may relate to water and air pollution, access to green spaces, and waste production, recycling and disposal. Five of the sessions, to be held at either the Jerusalem Intercultural Center or the Van Leer Institute, will involve group discussions, joint learning and presentations about Jewish, Muslim, and Christian teachings on these issues. Initial meetings will be devoted to breaking down barriers between the participants through group-building activities, including a ropes-course component. The concluding outdoor seminar will involve an overnight camping experience. The facilitators or teachers of the workshops will come from all three faiths.

The institutions being approached are:

* Palestinian Imam training institutions

* Al Qasemi Academy

* Sufi Centre, Nazareth

* Ecole Biblique Archeologique Francaise

* Tantur Ecumenical Institute * Studium Biblicum Franciscanum

* Latin Patriarchate Seminary

* Beit Morasha of Jerusalem * Pontifical Biblical Institute

* Hagia Maria Sion (Dormition) Abbey

* Cremisan Theological College

* Mosaica

* Sulaam Yaakov Rabbinical School

* Hebrew Union College

* Mar Elias College

* Jerusalem University College

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