Reflections on a Snow Pea

Reflections on a Snow Pea

Green, flat, with a little elf hat
Crispy, sweet, great to eat

I wanted a snow pea, I planted a seed
It grew past the radishes, carrots and weeds

It reached to the sky, up my stakes and trellis
My neighbors looked on, boy were they jealous

It gave a white flower, then a small pea
Which reached out from its blanket for something to see.

The pea grew quite quickly, we’ve had lots of sun
It’s time for the harvest, where we’ll reap a ton

One as a tester and one to confirm
One for my strength and one to affirm

I love snow peas, so crispy and sweet
There really is nothing better than fresh snow peas to eat

But how many have I harvested? Four, five or six
I’ve been so busy eating, my basket depicts

My love for this vegetable, fresh and in season
I eat them with passion beyond any reason

My thanks to the Source that created this all
A system that works from winter to fall

To feed a small planet, 7 billion humans alone
Imagine how many seeds must be sown.

We continue the harvest, the basket and me
Till all that was left on the plant I could see

Was small little pea pods not ready to pick
I’ll be back tomorrow, these things sure grow quick!

As quickly as they come, the last pea will be eaten
And I will be harvesting what’s new and in season

So here’s to the snow pea, today’s ample crop
And to the fine Earth which operates nonstop

To keep us well fed, healthy and happy
As long as we don’t treat her so crappy

With toxins, destruction and climate emissions stacking
Ongoing expansion of drilling and fracking

I could go on, but you’ve all heard that story
It’s an ongoing challenge and it’s really quite gory

So it’s a wonder that with all this destruction
My back yard is a place of ample production

Of beautiful green, crispy, elf hatted fruit
And I can eat dinner without having to pollute!

1 Reply to "Reflections on a Snow Pea"

  • Deborah Klee Wenger
    July 14, 2011 (5:10 am)

    My first pepper plant on the deck is a-flower —
    My first plant ever — It’s a true happy hour!

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