Teacher Trainings

We offer professional development programs for Jewish educators of all denominations in teaching Israel-focused Jewish education.


* Bolster Jewish educators’ awareness and knowledge of Jewish environmental teachings and empower them to teach on Judaism and the environment

*Engage and inspire young Jews concerned about the planet’s future by linking a core area of concern for them to Jewish teachings

* Reinvigorate Jewish education, enhance Jewish continuity, and catalyze a Jewish response to the environmental crisis


* Serve as a bridge connecting a cohort of dynamic Jewish environmental educators based in Israel and North America to institutions that either already train Jewish educators or that seek for their teachers in-service and pre-service professional development on teaching Judaism and the environment

* Provide professional development training and educational materials on Judaism and the environment for 200 educators who will reach 2000 participants in the 2010-11 academic yea

* Expose educators to a range of curricula and teaching materials developed by a broad range of Jewish environmental organizations

* Teach educators how to teach sample lesson plans and experiential, outdoor activities that relate to the textual learning * Offer follow-up support to ensure the integration of the seminar’s lessons into the educator’s regular teaching

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