Testimonials from Participants in the Seminars:

  • “Rabbi Neril’s Jewish Eco Seminar put a spiritual foundation to the challenges we face with the environment.”

  • "Transcendent moments at Jewish Eco Seminars!…Jewish values grounded us in bringing heaven and earth closer together to do Tikkun Olam for the environment.”

  • “Jewish Eco Seminars provided me with electrifying insights into Judaism and its teachings on the environment."

  • “An inspiring educational experience that created an interactive dialogue for what Judaism teaches about caring for the environment.”

  • “I felt very connected to the fruits and nuts we were eating because of their explanations and symbolism. It was fun to meet new people and hear their perspectives on the text we studied. Rabbi Neril’s teaching encouraged me to think of how I use and consume in my daily life, and how I can use products less wastefully as a result of this experience.”

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