Testimonials from the October 2010 teachings

“Thank you so much for your moving d’var Torah at Temple Emanu-El this past Shabbat. A number of people commented to me on your combination of passion and erudition, and two people volunteered that same evening to participate in our Temple’s ‘Green Team’. -Chair of Green Committee, Temple Emanu-El, New Jersey

“Rabbi Neril’s teaching is compelling and relevant to the environmental issues we face today. He beautifully bridges the gap between Jewish tradition and today’s concerns.” -Rabbi Lawrence Groffman, Temple Sholom of West Essex, Cedar Grove, New Jersey

“One of the best talks I have heard in a long time from a powerful and eloquent speaker. I was captivated from beginning to end by his timely and compelling message coupled with practical and concrete suggestions.” -Congregant, Congregation Beth Jacob, Oakland, California

“Rabbi Yonatan Neril offers a unique perspective on environmental Judaism. Through a traditional lens, informed by a rich variety of Jewish sources, Rabbi Neril presents a unique Jewish environmental ethic–when the natural world is at stake, the very moral and spiritual fabric of every person is at stake as well. Jewish environmentalism is not only concerned with our relationship with the world, it is primarily worried about our relationship with G-d.” -Rabbi Yonatan Cohen, Rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel, Berkeley, California

“He spoke with great poise and rapport. Congregants were attentive, engaged, and inspired. Rabbi Neril’s Jewish Eco Seminar put a spiritual foundation to the challenges we face with the environment.” -Larry Steinman, past president, Temple Sholom of West Essex, Cedar Grove, New Jersey

“Rabbi Neril spoke articulately and passionately about Jewish tradition and concern for the environment, bringing authentic traditional sources to bear on these very pertinent modern concerns.” -Community Rabbi, California

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