Jewish youth starts teen environmental group

Ariel Allen, age 16, a resident of Atlanta, GA, a student of The Paideia School and a current Bronfman Fellow, is a winner of Action For Nature’s 2011 International Young Eco-Hero Award. Allen was honored for starting a Jewish Teen environmental group.

San Francisco, CA (July 22, 2011) – Kosher Crew, founded by Ari, motivates Jewish teens to become active conservationists by taking part in tikkun olam, or “healing the world.” Inspired by two summer internships with the Student Conservation Association, he runs fun, peer-led outings to do hands-on environmental work. Kosher Crew’s goal is to motivate participants to be active and healthy and to make a positive impact on the environment while encompassing core values of Judaism. He wanted to create something for Jewish youth because so many environmental events are on Saturdays which they are unable to attend. Participation, however, is open to anyone who would like to be involved.

He has organized many projects to start and support community-based agriculture in order to improve the mental and physical health of the community, provide opportunities to compost, and improve air and water quality.

He has also fostered meaningful partnerships with other local organizations in order to build bridges between community leaders.

Ari has led trips to clear invasive species, pick up litter, and create green spaces in urban Atlanta.

“I will always turn to nature for inspiration and solace and always plan on being involved in conservation projects,” says Ari.

Every year since 2003, Action For Nature (AFN), a U.S.-based non-profit, has recognized young people ages 8-16 who are taking important steps to solve tough environmental problems. Youth from countries around the world send in their stories and explain their work. A panel of judges including experts in environmental science, biology and education determines the year's winners.

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