This Year We Meditate

We've been building towards this event for a long time. On October 18th, in the year of 5772, we will have a different kind of Sukkot.

We will be building a Sukkah on our organic fertile land, on the land that we cultivated in West Rogers Park, the land that has given us our strong backs.

And we will be collaborating with the Center for Jewish Mindfulness and participating in a community meditation led by Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell.

I know, I know, a Sukkah is meant to be dwelled in according to the mitzvot. But, I wasn't raised in a community that did that. Nor do I particularly want to spend the night outside in the city of Chicago with the vermin and crime. And even when I lived within an Orthodox community in Israel, they told me that women don't do that, only the men sleep outside. So, what is my relationship to the Sukkah? How is it meaningful to me? How is it fun? How does it deepen my connection to Judaism and the seasons?

This year, I'll try something new. As a co-founder of The Gan Project, an eco-Jewish non-profit in Chicago, I get to promote new ways to eco-celebrate holidays. We found an easy collarboration between us and The Center for Jewish Mindfulness, CJM, led by Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell. We'll build our Sukkah out of repurposed materials and create a sancturary of peace, meditation, healing, and celebration.

Both the Gan Project and CJM are seriously involved with direct action. By direct action, I mean that it is through my experiences and my breath that I learn and grow and teach and tend to myself with the intention of becoming a healthy and happy Jewish being to share with this world. This Sukkot I offer you the invitation to join me and in doing just that.

When: October 18th 7:30 pm- 9:00 pm

Where: Bernard Horwich JCC 3003 W Touhy Chicago, IL, beyond the parking lot, near the baseball diamond

Bring: A sweater or a blanket (it will be chilly!)

Who: All ages, all faiths are invited.

This event is co-sponsored by The Gan Project, Kehilla, and Birthright Israel NEXT.

Please visit our facebook page for more info:

Click RSVP to sign up.

Light nosh will be provided.

PS- We have 22 chickies! Come visit our lovely hens!

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  • David Arfa
    October 4, 2011 (9:37 pm)

    Hi Suzanne- This sounds Great! I love the idea of partnering with the CJM- amazing that you have a whole center for Jewish mindfulness and now a center for Jewish ways of connecting with the land- I totally agree that you are both “direct action” organizations- to remember not only our breath, but also our relationship with the land around us! No small thing! i wish I lived closer. I’m out here in Western MA, in the Berkshire Foothills. Thanks for including pictures too!- nice touch. David Arfa

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