Gadget attaches to faucet to measure each use of water

By NoCamels Team

Photo by Joe Shlabotnik

How many drops of water does it take to wash your hands, or a single glass? Bware, a new Israeli Patent by a2design, is a simple digital device to be installed on any faucet and can count in real time the amount of water in liters or gallons for every use.

The Bware not only shows how much water you have used on the LED display, it can also also help detect different kinds of leaks, say its creators, Ariel Drach and Alex Sudak. The device, made from recycled materials, uses flow of water to generate enough electricity for the LED display.

a2design is still looking for investment for the development of their device, which was nominated for the Danish Index reward – one of the world’s leading awards for design. The theme of this year’s competition is environmental issues.

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