Teva Ivri Is Spreading the Light in Jerusalem – Meet JiVE!

Teva Ivri Is Spreading the Light in Jerusalem – Meet JiVE!

At Hannukah, we learn that even one little bit of oil can spread a lot of light – all it takes is a group of dedicated Jews to uncover it. Teva Ivri is excited to introduce you to a new project which is helping young Jews light the spark of their Jewish identity and helping the holy city of Jerusalem to shine.

Meet JiVE: Jerusalem Volunteers for the Environment , Teva Ivri’s newest innovative environmental education program! JiVE connects young Jews from around the world to Israel through community service and Jewish learning in Jerusalem. Participants clean up parks, work in community gardens, and study Jewish texts on conservation and nature appreciation. A highlight of this program is the “peer exchange” with young Israeli environmental and social justice leaders.

Founded by Rabbi Shaul Judelman, former director of the Eco-Activist Beit Midrash, JiVE provides engaging service learning for Israel programs from across the denominational spectrum. For an afternoon or for a week, young Jews develop a hands-on relationship with Israel and Jewish values by getting to know a community garden or urban nature site and the local residents who oversee it. They work closely with young Israelis from SPNI’s Gari’n Dvash, who share their personal stories and their choice to do environmental work in service to their country. On break from the day’s work, participants explore the Jewish tradition’s approach to environmental questions with skilled environmental educators.

JiVE promotes a Jewish culture that values sustainability and facilitates a new bond between youth of the Diaspora and the people of Israel. We welcome you to join us in creating a sustainable Jerusalem and Israel – in person on your next visit, or from afar via the Teva Ivri website.

As always, Teva Ivri thanks you for your support and encouragement!

Happy Hannukah!

Einat Kramer
Director, Teva Ivri

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