Why I Stay Up Past 4am to Write About Saving the World

Disclaimer: This post is true, it’s is written live, without notes and without editing. Like a moth by a flame I am driven to write!

Tonight will make 3 nights in a row that I have stayed up past 4am working, and had to get up again less than 4 hours later. Why do I do it? Why stay up late writing a simple blog post?

I wish I could say I am writing this blog in solidarity with the protesters at Occupy, in Tahrir Square, Tel Aviv, Greece… But I’ve done that in the past and it didn’t go viral or spark a government overthrow so what’s the point.

I wish I could say I am getting paid a large sum per word, so elaborate sentences with ornate language and idioms about how the Heavens and Earth were fashioned by divine inspiration, unfolding from rakiah the vastness that came before… But this is a volunteer gig here at Jewcology, we write for love of God and planet.

I wish I could say that my passion for Judaism and the environment runs so deep that I would never miss a scheduled blog. But I’ve missed plenty in the past, today could be no exception.

I wish I could say I write because I have a lot to say and lot of people who want to hear me? But as you can tell from this post, at this hour I have very little to say and I’m really not sure anyone is reading, at least anymore. But I do have a point, so please read on…

I wish I could say words just flow off my fingertips, longing for the page or the screen. But as many of you know, while I am good verbally, writing challenges me.

Finally, I wish I could say I do it for the challenge, but that would be plain untrue.

I write, even at this hour, even with a dozen things to do tonight before I sleep, if I sleep, because:

a) I’m going on vacation tomorrow and I’m super excited! Yay!!!! But if not now, when?

b) Jewcology.com, my blogging home and the top source for everything Jewish and environmental, needs your support today. From now till the end of the year, Jewcology has a matching grant, and must reach its fundraising goals to continue supporting and expanding their service (and to continue paying me huge sums of money to write verbose blogs like this.)

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