COEJL Training Webinars for Jewish Energy Covenant Campaign

COEJL is holding a series of informative training webinars for participating Jewish organizations who have signed onto the Jewish Energy Covenant Campaign declaration.

The first webinar is on “How to Create an Energy Reduction Plan” and will be on Wednesday, February 22. It is not too late to participate in this webinar! Please call us for more information at 212-532-7436 if your organization is thinking about signing the declaration.

Introduction to the Jewish Energy Covenant Campaign
A diverse group of Jewish leaders is supporting the Jewish Energy Covenant Campaign by signing the Jewish Environmental and Energy Imperative Declaration. Lead by COEJL, this campaign will galvanize the Jewish American community to stand together with one voice, take concrete action and make tangible change, as well as serve as a model for other communities. With this commitment to action, awareness of sustainable environmental responsibility will become part of the daily life of Jewish homes, communities and institutions.

Read the complete introduction of the Jewish Energy Covenant Campaign.

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