Jewcology Launches Year of Jewish Learning on the Environment!

This Tu b'Shevat, Jewcology will launch a major new program: a Year of Jewish Learning on the Environment, in partnership with Canfei Nesharim. Between Tu b'Shevat 5772 and Tu b'Shevat 5773, we will roll out our "Core Teachings" series, 18 sets of resources exploring the connection between Jewish texts and our response to today's environmental challenges.

Topics range from Trees, Food and Energy to Shabbat, Sustainable Use and Consumerism. For each topic, we will be providing a long article (2000 words), short article (800 words), study guide (source sheet with discussion questions for chavruta study), a short video and a podcast.

If you use or share at least six items from this set of resources with your community, we will consider you a Community Core Teachings Sponsor, and will promote your participation on our website. To learn more about being a Core Teachings Sponsor, contact us!

We're also creating a list of people who would like to subscribe to e-mails and updates as the materials are released. You can subscribe by simply dropping us an email at

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