Curiosity = Freedom?

As we move towards Passover, we journey through the narrow places (mitzrayim) of Winter into the open, lush landscape of Spring. We can feel the season working its magic: the more time we spend outside, the more Spring does to us what it does to the cherry blossom trees! As we read in the Hagaddah (the Passover seder story), we are asked to celebrate our freedom and to remember: "Today, we are slaves. Next year, we will be free." The Exodus is a story of our past, but it is relevant today – for one, it's time to explore how we can more fully experience liberation and the world that we envision. Connecting with our land and community helps bring us not just the idea of liberation, but the experience of it. We encourage all to immerse in nature in some way soon… it's one of the strongest ways we can stay young, curious and grateful. As one example, below is a photo of one of our campers, Max, who carried the Eden Village spirit into his home community by asking the person in the fish department to show him how to gut a fish… and then Max tried it at home! A neighbor helped, and Max ended the evening more connected with both his neighbors and with the fish he ate. We celebrate the freedom we've each been given to discover our sacred gift of life, in our own unique ways!

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