Best Earth Day Ever Campaign

Best Earth Day Ever

Help Jewcology win the Groupon Earth Day Challenge!

In the Groupon/Crowdrise Earth Day Challenge, environmental charities are competing to raise funds. The organization that raises the most by May 15 will win $25,000. There are also great cash prizes ($10,000 and $15,000) for second and third place. As you can imagine, this kind of money would make a huge difference for our work.

Jewcology is the only Jewish environmental organization in the Earth Day Challenge. And we have some amazing news: we're currently in THIRD place, with almost $8,000 raised.

To win some serious cash, our challenge is to keep Jewcology in third place (or even sweep into second or first place) by May 15. Can you help make this possible? Your donation of $250, $100 or even $54 would make a huge difference at this time.

Donate to Help Us Win

We're also looking for people to join our Crowdrise team. You'll be able to send out simple requests to your network (via facebook, twitter, linked in or email) letting them know about this campaign, and help us win! We'll provide you with all the instructions and the text to use. It will take you less than twenty minutes to participate – and will make a serious difference! To join our team, please reply to this email and we'll get you all set up.

We'll be sending updates this week to let you know how the challenge is going. And of course we'll let you know all the results at the end.

This year, you can help make it the Best Earth Day Ever for Jewcology! Thanks so much for your generous support.

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