Join the “Fast for the Earth”

Join the “Fast for the Earth”!

Launching August 1, 2012, the Fast will be a global nonviolent protest against wanton disregard for the natural world, and a spiritual affirmation that we are all part of that world, responsible for its careful tending.

The Fast is being organized by a group of concerned citizens in Brookings, SD (USA), who are deeply troubled by tar sands mining and the construction of related pipelines. It has been inspired by the recent public fasting of indigenous people in the U.S. and Canada in protest of the same, and will be undertaken in kinship with them.

Tar sands exploitation is only one manifestation of humanity’s destruction of the planet. To resist such destruction and the “powers” conspiring to perpetrate it, we must employ both new and time-tested nonviolent strategies and disciplines. Fasting has long been used for transformation of self and world, which are inseparable. So we’re calling on all people of good will to join with us in the Fast for the Earth: to strengthen us for the struggle, to recognize our kinship in a physical and spiritual way, and to begin exorcising the demons that would make this planet lifeless.

Here in Brookings we will launch the Fast for the Earth not only with abstinence from food but also with a week’s worth of public events meant to educate and mobilize our community. Our plans for launch week (August 1-8) are still developing.

Though it has originated in a small, out-of-the-way place, we would like the Fast to be a worldwide movement. Though individuals will fast for a specific duration, when and how they choose, the movement itself will be without a definite end. The health of Grandmother Earth affects us all, wherever we live, and the struggle to save her life will be a long one.

How can you support the Fast, where you are?

  • Sign up on our website! You can fast for any duration, at any time, in any way you choose. Just commit to be involved.

  • Organize others to fast with you, and/or to hold public events affiliated with the Fast.

  • Publicly endorse the Fast, to encourage others to get involved.

  • Spread the word about the Fast through your personal, social and organizational networks.

  • Tell us what you’re doing on our website. Share your stories, reflections, photos, and videos.

  • Volunteer. We would love to discuss how you might get involved, wherever you’re located.

  • Make a donation. Unfortunately we’re not a 501(3)c, so your donation won’t be tax-deductible. But it would be gratefully received and wisely used.

  • Make suggestions!

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Please let us know what you are willing to do to support the Fast. Thank you in advance for being a strong ally!

For more information, contact Phyllis Cole-Dai,, or Carl Kline,

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